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Arthur Adams
Back On Track (CD)

Luther Allison
Serious (CD)

Andy T - Nick Nixon Band
Numbers Man (CD)

Reneé Austin
Right About Love (CD)
Sweet Talk (CD)

Carey Bell
Mellow Down Easy (CD)
Mellow Down Easy (LP)

Big James and the Chicago Playboys
Right Here Right Now (CD)
The Big Payback (CD)

Elvin Bishop
Booty Bumpin' (CD)
Gettin' My Groove Back (CD)

Deanna Bogart
Just A Wish Away... (CD)
Out To Get You (CD)
Pianoland (CD)
Real Time (CD)

Billy Branch and Sons of Blues
Blues Shock (CD)

Nappy Brown
Long Time Coming (CD)

Sarah Brown
Sayin' What I'm Thinkin' (CD)

Norton Buffalo
King Of The Highway (CD)
R And B (CD)
Roots Of Our Nature (CD)
Travellin' Tracks (CD)

Chris Cain
Can't Buy A Break (CD)
Cuttin' Loose (CD)
Somewhere Along The Way (CD)

Eddie C. Campbell
That's When I Know (CD)

Chubby Carrier
Dance All Night (CD)
Who Stole The Hot Sauce? (CD)

The Cash Box Kings
Black Toppin' (CD)
Holding Court (CD)
Holler and Stomp (CD)

Tommy Castro
Can't Keep A Good Man Down (CD)
Exception To The Rule (CD)
Live At The Fillmore (VHS)
Live At The Fillmore (CD)
Live At The Fillmore (DVD)
Painkiller (CD)
Painkiller (LP)
Right As Rain (CD)
Soul Shaker (CD)
The Essential Tommy Castro (CD)
Whole Lotta Soul (DVD)

Craig Chaquico
Fire Red Moon (CD)

Chicago Rhythm & Blues Kings
Chicago R&B Kings (CD)

Otis Clay
Respect Yourself (CD)
The Gospel Truth (CD)

Eddy Clearwater
Help Yourself (CD)

Deborah Coleman
I Can't Lose (CD)
Livin' On Love (CD)
Soft Place To Fall (CD)
Soul Be It! (CD)
Where Blue Begins (CD)

Commander Cody
Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers (CD)
Let's Rock (CD)

Joanna Connor
Believe It (CD)
Big Girl Blues (CD)
Fight (CD)
Slidetime (CD)

Back Porch Dogma (CD)

James Cotton
Take Me Back (CD)
Take Me Back (LP)

Pee Wee Crayton
Early Hour Blues (CD)

Albert Cummings
Feel So Good (CD)
Someone Like You (CD)
True To Yourself (CD)
Working Man (CD)

Nick Curran
Doctor Velvet (CD)
Player! (CD)

Debbie Davies
I Got That Feeling (CD)
Loose Tonight (CD)
Picture This (CD)

Johnny Dyer
Jukin' (CD)

Sena Ehrhardt
All In (CD)
Leave The Light On (CD)
Live My Life (CD)

Damon Fowler
Devil Got His Way (CD)
Sounds of Home (CD)
Sugar Shack (CD)

Gospel Hummingbirds
Steppin' Out (CD)
Taking Flight (CD)

Henry Gray
Lucky Man (CD)

Zac Harmon
Right Man Right Now (CD)

Day By Day (CD)
Down To The Rhythm (CD)
Stand Together (CD)

Dave Hole
Rough Diamond (CD)

Shawn Holt and the Teardrops
Daddy Told Me (CD)

Walter Horton
Can't Keep Lovin' You (CD)
Fine Cuts (LP)
Fine Cuts (CD)

Belmont Boulevard (CD)

Lloyd Jones
Love Gotcha (CD)

Peter Karp
Shadows and Cracks (CD)

Peter Karp & Sue Foley
Beyond The Crossroads (CD)
He Said She Said (CD)

Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King
Fat Man's Shine Parlor (CD)
My Heart's In Texas (DVD)
My Heart's In Texas (CD)
Roadhouse Research (CD)
Show Me the Money (CD)

Frankie Lee
Going Back Home (CD)

Little Mike and the Tornadoes
Heart Attack (CD)
Payday (CD)

Hamilton Loomis
Ain't Just Temporary (CD)
Kickin' It (CD)

Magic Slim & the Teardrops
Anything Can Happen (CD)
Anything Can Happen (DVD)
Bad Boy (CD)
Black Tornado (CD)
Blue Magic (CD)
Gravel Road (LP)
Gravel Road (CD)
Midnight Blues (CD)
Raising The Bar (CD)
Scufflin' (CD)
Snakebite (CD)
The Essential Magic Slim (CD)

Manzarek-Rogers Band
Translucent Blues (CD)

Bob Margolin
Hold Me To It (CD)

Coco Montoya
Gotta Mind To Travel (CD)
Just Let Go (CD)
The Essential Coco Montoya (CD)
Ya Think I'd Know Better (CD)

John Mooney
All I Want (CD)
Comin' Your Way (CD)
Gone To Hell (CD)
Sideways In Paradise (CD)

Big Bill Morganfield
Blues In The Blood (CD)
Ramblin' Mind (CD)
Rising Son (CD)

Mr. B (Mark Braun)
Shining The Pearls (CD)

Charlie Musselwhite
The Harmonica According To… (CD)

Kenny Neal
Hooked On Your Love (CD)
Let Life Flow (CD)

John Németh
Love Me Tonight (CD)
Magic Touch (CD)
Name The Day! (CD)
Name The Day/Why Not Me (45)

Pinetop Perkins
After Hours (CD)
Heaven (LP)

Bill Perry
Crazy Kind Of Life (CD)
Don't Know Nothing About Love (CD)
Fire It Up (CD)
Raw Deal (CD)

Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers
Big Blues Party (DVD)
Emergency Situation (CD)
Keepin' It Real (CD)

Popa Chubby
Big Man Big Guitar Live (CD)
Big Man Big Guitar Live (DVD)
Deliveries After Dark (CD)
How'd A White Boy Get The Blues? (CD)
Peace, Love & respect (CD)
Stealing The Devil's Guitar (CD)
The Essential Popa Chubby (CD)
The Fight Is On (CD)
The Good The Bad And The Chubby (CD)
The Hungry Years (CD)

Preacher Boy
Gutters And Pews (CD)
Preacher Boy and The Natural Blues (CD)

Snooky Pryor
Back To The Country (CD)
Back To The Country (LP)
Shake My Hand (CD)
Snooky (CD)

Yank Rachell
Blues Mandolin Man (CD)

Al Rapone
Zydeco To Go (CD)

Remembering Little Walter
Remembering Little Walter (CD)

Robin Rogers
Back In The Fire (CD)
Treat Me Right (CD)

Jimmy Rogers
Feelin' Good (CD)
Feelin' Good (LP)

Roy Rogers
Blues On The Range (CD)
R And B (CD)
Roots Of Our Nature (CD)
Slidewinder (CD)
Slidewinder (LP)
Split Decision (CD)
Travellin' Tracks (CD)

The Rounders
Wish I Had You (CD)

Otis Rush
Tops (CD)
Tops (LP)

E.C. Scott
Come Get Your Love (CD)
Hard Act To Follow (CD)
Masterpiece (CD)

Johnny Shines
Back To The Country (CD)
Back To The Country (LP)

George "Harmonica" Smith
Now You Can Talk About Me (CD)
Now You Can Talk About Me (LP)

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
Bag Full Of Blues (CD)

Southern Hospitality
Easy Livin' (CD)

Jeremy Spencer
Precious Little (CD)

Studebaker John and the Hawks
Time Will Tell (CD)
Tremoluxe (CD)

Hubert Sumlin
Heart & Soul (CD)

Roosevelt Sykes
The Original Honeydripper (CD)

Jimmy Thackery
Drive To Survive (CD)
Extra Jimmies (CD)
Guitar (LP)
Guitar (CD)
Sideways In Paradise (CD)
Sinner Street (CD)
The Essential Jimmy Thackery (CD)
Trouble Man (CD)

Dr. Duke Tumatoe
You've Got The Problem! (CD)

Various Artists
20th Anniversary Collection (CD)
25th Anniversary Collection (CD)
30th Anniversary Collection (CD)
Bare Blues (CD)
Blue Ivory (CD)
If This Is Love, I'd Rather Have The Blues (CD)
Prime Chops (CD)
Prime Chops Volume 2 (CD)
Prime Chops Volume 3 (CD)
White Line Flyers (CD)

Jimmy Vivino & the Black Italians
13 Live (CD)

Victor Wainwright & the WildRoots
Boom Town (CD)

Muddy Waters
The Lost Tapes (CD)
The Lost Tapes (LP)

Webb Wilder
Born To Be Wilder (CD)
More Like Me (CD)

Smokey Wilson
88th Street Blues (CD)

Rev. Billy C. Wirtz
Sermon From Bethlehem (CD)
Sermon From Bethlehem (DVD)

Mitch Woods
Jump For Joy! (CD)
Mr. Boogie's Back In Town (CD)
Shakin' The Shack (CD)
Solid Gold Cadillac (CD)

Mighty Joe Young
Mighty Joe Young (CD)

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