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Extra Jimmies Extra Jimmies (10/14/2014) Add To Cart
- Jimmy Thackery

"His soulful guitar work touches nerves previously exposed by the idiom's legends - Stevie, Muddy, Otis Rush, etc. - and his clean picking and scorching tone are irresistible.” – Guitar Player

"This compilation of live and studio treats from Nighthawks founder Thackery is loaded with fierce blues  built around his after-midnight voice and no-holds-barred guitar playing." -Vintage Guitar

Jimmy Thackery is without doubt one of the finest guitar players of his generation.  He’s one of the few blues guitarists who learned his craft first-hand from the masters of the blues such as Muddy Waters, rather than from recordings.  On Extra Jimmies, Blind Pig Records has compiled a sterling collection of gems from perhaps his most creative period (1992 – 1998).
Blind Pig is proud to have helped Jimmy launch his solo career.  After a fifteen year stint as co-founder and lead guitarist of the legendary blues-rock band The Nighthawks, he formed the popular R&B band The Assassins.  Five years later he put together his three piece band called The Drivers to highlight his explosive guitar.   Jimmy and his band became renowned road warriors, playing close to 300 dates a year and establishing him as one of the premier guitarists around.
The re-mastered tracks on Extra Jimmies are taken from Thackery’s Blind Pig debut album, “Empty Arms Motel,” as well as from two other out-of-print CD titles – “Wild Night Out!” (a live recording) and “Switching Gears.”

1.   Write If You Find Love (sample)
2.   You Upset Me Baby
3.   Rude Mood
4.   I Got To Be Strong
5.   Lickin' Gravy
6.   Take Me With You When You Go
7.   Love To Ride (sample)
8.   Trouble Man (sample)
9.   I Wouldn't Change A Thing (sample)
10. Honey Hush
11.  Flyin' Low
12.  Empty Arms Motel (sample)
13.  Monkey (sample)

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