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Fat Man's Shine Parlor Fat Man's Shine Parlor (2/3/2015) Add To Cart
- Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King

"This is Texas Blues at its finest. While Joe is fond of his distinctive uppercut-to-the-chin approach, the chemistry between he and Bnois King has resulted in blues superiority. They have honed their attack into a fine blend of life-affirming joyousness." -Goldmine Magazine

"Loaded with the singular blend of sizzling-cool blues they've been cooking together since 1980s. Kubek and King's different, yet complementary playing styles shine. For a heavy dose of heavy-hitting Texas blues-rock, a visit to Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King's Fat Man's Shine Parlor is definitely in order." -Living Blues

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King are one of the most talented guitar tandems in any genre.   Playing together for twenty-five years, they have become a dynamic musical tour de force, with Joe's flame-throwing guitar work complemented by Bnois' cool, jazz-inflected playing and soulful vocals.  Their incendiary live shows feature two top flight guitarists intuitively locked in with each other and backed by a firepower rhythm section, making for a powerful and irresistible combination.

Said Kubek, "We are very excited to be back with Blind Pig.  Some of the best stuff we perform on stage, the favorites that our treasured fans from all over come to hear, is material we recorded for Blind Pig.  It's a label that always delivers the very best quality music to fans and radio, and we're all about giving our fans and blues radio our very best artistry.”

As a young musician in Dallas, Smokin’ Joe Kubek would venture in the wee hours to a declining, somewhat unsavory neighborhood in search of fried chicken.   A commercial district for African-Americans, the area had been a hotbed for jazz and blues musicians from the 1920’s through the 50’s where you could also find gun and locksmith shops, tattoo studios, pawnshops, and pool halls.
Joe was fascinated by one remaining establishment called “Fat Man’s Shine Parlor.”   Ostensibly a place to get your shoes shined, to those in the know, it was also a place for other activities such as gambling, drinking, and womanizing.
Joe sees this CD in a similar light – crack open the door, and inside you’ll find more than advertised.  Only in this case, the pleasures will be musical.

1.   Got My Heart Broken
2.   Cornbread (sample)
3.   Diamond Eyes (sample)
4.   Crash and Burn (sample)
5.   River Of Whiskey
6.   Don't Want To Be Alone (sample)
7.   Brown Bomba Mojo (sample)
8.   How Much
9.   One Girl By My Side
10.  Lone Star Lap Dance
11.  Done Got Caught Blues (sample)
12.  Headed For Ruin
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