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Holler and Stomp Holler and Stomp (10/4/2011) Add To Cart
- The Cash Box Kings

"Last night I was at a friend's home and he was playing the new Cash Box Kings CD. Anyhow, they sounded so good I just felt moved to say how refreshing it is to hear some honest blues. The Cash Box Kings play with taste and feel and it was faith restoring to know there are guys out there that still know and appreciate real blues." - Charlie Musselwhite
"The Cash Box Kings' blues conveys powerful joy, commitment, and connection to history. When it's as good as it is here, it's all one can do to refrain  from doing just what  the album title suggests." -Vintage Guitar

"Now it's one thing to say you're interested in this old music, and even to be able to play a few of the tunes  with some accuracy. But it's another thing entirely to be able to re-create the originals and write new material that's faithful to this 1940's and 50's style, and do it with authentic vitality." - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Holler and Stomp, with its interesting song selections and depth of musical talent, is certain to amaze and entertain."
                              -Living Blues
" You'll start your own hollerin' and stompin' on the first cut and you won't slow down until this album ends." - Elmore

The Cash Box Kings' cast of aces sizzle the hip side of classic Chicago blues with an old delta branding iron. A prime homage to the blues' rich history with creative, enthusiastic twists."
                          - Hittin' the Note

"The word on the street is that The Cash Box Kings are the up and coming young guns of the Chicago blues scene, and with good reason. The music has the liveliness and energy that only roots music genius can provide." - Chicago Blues Guide

On their Blind Pig label debut, the Kings explore the various byways where traditional 'blues' and 'country' music intersect. They cover classic sides by Hank Williams, Sr., the Rolling Stones and Muddy Waters, seamlessly mixed with their own originals. Holler And Stomp is one of the freshest and most distinctive blues records in recent memory. 

1. Holler & Stomp (sample)
2. That’s My Gal (sample)
3. Off The Hook
4. Feel Like Going Home
5. Fraulein On Paulina (sample)
6. Hayseed Strut (sample)
7. Katie Mae
8. Sara (sample)
9. Barnyard Pimp (sample)
10. Oh My Baby’s Gone
11. Blues Come Around
12. Tribute To The Black Lone Ranger

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