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He Said She Said He Said She Said (3/16/2010) Add To Cart
- Peter Karp & Sue Foley

A brilliant collection of original songs that grew out of a series of letters between U.S. singer/songwriter Peter Karp and Canadian Juno award winner Sue Foley over a two year period. The letters started as a casual exchange but as time went on, they became more poignant, more revealing and more intimate. The acclaimed songwriters eventually came to recognize that they provided a wellspring of inspiration for these songs.  The compositions reveal a meeting of hearts and minds, an interplay of shared artistic purpose and spiritual kinship.  Their live show based on the album, featuring elements of folk, jazz, flamenco, Americana and blues, was praised by Blues Revue as "a unique, daring idea beautifully executed by two talented, inspired artists."

1. Treat Me Right (sample)
2. So Far So Fast
3. Wait
4. Rules of Engagement (sample)
5. Hold On Baby
6. Mm Hmm (sample)
7. Danger Lurks
8. Ready For Your Love (sample)
9. Scared (sample)
10. Valentine's Day (sample)
11. Dear Girl,
12. Baby Don't Go
13. Regret
14. Lost In You
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