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Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers (4/21/2009) Add To Cart
- Commander Cody

After a twenty-three year hiatus since the release of the classic Let's Rock, Commander Cody has returned to Blind Pig Records. Ever since his wild, early days as front man for the Lost Planet Airmen ("Hot Rod Lincoln," "Lost in the Ozone," etc.), the Old Commander has plowed his own path through the fields of the American music scene as one of its few truly unique and iconoclastic figures. His special blend of old-time rock 'n' roll, redneck country, boogie-woogie and swing has virtually defined American roots music.  Dopers, Drunks & Everyday Losers will delight old and new fans alike with its mix of new songs and classics from the Cody catalog. Highlights include updated versions of "Seeds and Stems Again", "Seven-Eleven" and "Wine, Do Yer Stuff."


 “This new recording marks the long awaited return to the studio for George Frayne and his alter ego, Commander Cody. This album will put you in a good mood just when you need it the most. Like a comfortable flashback.” – Blueswax

“His latest release finds the Commander and his still vital band continuing to bridge the gap between twanged-out country sagas and sing-along hippie anthems.” – Relix

“His new album proves that the Commander can still write a song, dress it up, and bring it life.” – Goldmine

“The Commander is stronger than ever – his floor-stomping mix of country, swing, and rockabilly can shake the rafters of any bar or club.” – Hittin’ The Note

“Everything anyone who has followed Commander Cody’s 40+ year career has come to expect: fun.” –

“So how is the new album? ‘Brilliant’ is the first word that springs to mind.” –

“Commander Cody is back at full strength…If there was an Americana ‘Comeback Of The Year’ award, [he] would win hands down.” – Hickory

“A snazzy, boisterous program of Friday night music, perfect for brew-guzzling and foot-tapping.” – Icon

“Commander Cody has made a triumphant return from the ozone. My advice: pick your poison, put on your dancing shoes, fire up the disc-spinner and rock!” – Elmore

“Well, even after 40 years the Commander can still rock!” – Americana Roots

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is a party album, the perfect accompaniment to Friday night.” –Twangville



1. Roll Yer Own
2. Tennessee Plates
3. Wine Do Yer Stuff
4. Lone Ranger (sample)
5. Semi Truck (sample)
6. Down And Out
7. Seven Eleven (sample)
8. Seeds And Stems Again
9. It'sGonna Be One Of Those Nights (sample)
10. OK Hotel
11. They Kicked Me Out Of The Band (sample)
12. Losers' Avenue
13. Last Call For Alcohol
14. No No Song (sample)

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