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Shadows and Cracks Shadows and Cracks (6/26/2007) Add To Cart
- Peter Karp

Shadows and Cracks is the Blind Pig debut of a truly original and unique voice in American roots music. Raised in the rural trailer parks of southern Alabama and the swamps of North Jersey, Karp is a master songsmith with an art for spinning genuine emotions, humor, and candor into tunes that help the listener navigate the speed bumps, traffic lights, and side streets of the road of life. By bucking the trends and taking his lyrics as seriously as his music, Peter Karp has carved a niche for himself as one of the finest contemporary Americana and blues artists around, crafting songs that are poignant, funny, irreverent, romantic and true to life.

"Karp is his own man, an artist who blends roots music styles into something that combines and transcends blues, country, rock, honky tonk, R&B, swamp, swing, and jazz. He personifies the amorphous Americana movement, freely shifting styles to keep listeners guessing, and dancing too. His lyrics combine working-class angst with college-educated insight, and a deadly sense of humor that keeps things from getting too dark. The 12 tunes on this album are all winners, each full of their own singular charm, even though they can easily fit into familiar industry pigeonholes. Every tune is arranged to give maximum effect to Karp's vocals. His lithe tenor is playful, macho, insouciant, innocent, and worldly, telling jokes that make you wince when you laugh. The backing musicians are all top-notch and every track smokes with understated virtuosity. So why isn't this guy a star?" -

"Karp can play, deftly handling guitars, keyboards, and harp. But, above all, his craftsmanship shines in his songwriting. - Elmore

"An underground Jackson Browne and John Prine, with a healthy dose of blues, too. Karp's a soulful storyteller. The man can write." - Blues Revue

"This is a sharp and colorful writer who works on several levels: He can drop literary references on you, but he makes sure to keep the songs grounded in real emotion. The same goes for the music, a roadhouse-worthy stew of blues, country, rock and soul." - Philadelphia Inquirer

"A sizzling, full bodied romp through a dozen rootsy tunes with vivid, thoughtful lyrics that can draw on blues, country, folk, and even Western swing." - Cleveland Free Times

"There is a strong blues influence in his music, but a Dylanesque complexity to his songwriting. '(Joseph) Conrad poked fun at my dark, dark heart/(Warren) Zevon cracked wise with a smart-ass remark,' he sings, in probably the only rock song that name checks both Phil Ochs and Rudyard Kipling and follows a mention of Homer with one of Woody Guthrie." - New Jersey Star Ledger

"Today Karp has emerged as one of the finest storytellers and entertainers as well as players in blues ranks, someone anxious to spotlight the music's communicative abilities more than just blister through guitar solos or rework vintage Delta tunes." - Nashville City Paper

"The first thing you need to know about Peter Karp is that he's an original. He records for a blues label and certainly he's at home with the blues, but to label him a blues singer is like saying Muddy Waters was a guitar player: it's true but doesn't come close to describing the man or his music. Come up with a better label to put Karp in, and he'll immediately do something to shatter it. All of his songs are carefully crafted. As you listen, you can hear the skill with which they're put together, but they all sound as if he's playing them for the first time, discovering them in the act of performing them. And Karp is nothing if not a master storyteller. Writer, musician, singer, performer -- Peter Karp has it all. In Shadows & Cracks, he has created an album that deserves extravagant praise. That's why I'm praising it extravagantly." -


1. Goodbye Baby (sample)
2. Air, Fuel and Fire
3. All I Really Want (sample)
4. Dirty Weather (sample)
5. Rubber Bands and Wire
6. I Understand (sample)
7. Shadows and Cracks (sample)
8. I Ain't Deep
9. The Lament
10. Runnin'
11. The Grave
12. Strange Groove (sample)

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