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Magic Touch Magic Touch (1/30/2007) Add To Cart
- John NĂ©meth

The buzz around John Nemeth is substantial, and his Blind Pig debut delivers the goods in spades. His emotive, smooth voice and stellar harp playing introduce a virtuoso of rare depth and power. John's uncanny blend of retro-modern blues and soul music will delight purists and young hipsters alike.

"Blowing like Little Walter and singing in styles that range from the pathos of a young Jimmy Reed to the suppleness of Nat King Cole, he channels the greats with a verve that's imagination, not imitation." - The Dallas Morning News

"Magic Touch gives hope that the blues will survive." - Living Blues

"What a record! Németh can croon, wail, growl a bit, and soar. He pulls together some of the best aspects of classic soul and blues and injects deft and playful personality." - Hittin' The Note

"If you're into James Hunter's funky retro-blues, you'll relish howlin' vocalist and harmonicat John Nemeth's new yet old school 'Magic Touch' (Blind Pig B+). This musical chameleon's stylistic reach is wide, with originals ranging from the Elmore James-like "She Did Not Show" to the finger-snapping, James Brown at the Apollo-evoking "She's Looking Good." - The Philadelphia Daily News

"Ironic originals, killer covers, unbridled harp squeals, and golden (almost Aaron Neville-esque) vocals make the disc sound distinctly retro, yet strangely modern. The album runs the gamut of blues and R&B. Covers include Junior Wells' 'Blues Hit Big Town,' Roger Collins' 'She's Lookin' Good' (think Wilson Pickett's wailing version), Willie Egan's 'Come On' (rearranged as ska-soul with mariachi-style trumpet), Watson's 'My Future,' Z.Z. Hill's 'You Were Wrong,' and Buddy Guy's 'Sit and Cry (The Blues)'. The originals are just as heavy; it's as if Nemeth entered a time machine and wrote them five decades ago. The Fats Domino-style 'You're An Angel' is about an old girlfriend with a super-sized ego. 'Let Me Hold You' features a scratching, schizophrenic solo from Funderburgh - his only guitar track on the album. 'Blue Broadway' takes a page from classic Stax." - Blues Revue

Track listing:
1. Blues Hit Big Town 3:43 (sample)
2. Blue Broadway 3:29 (sample)
3. Magic Touch 3:51 (sample)
4. My Future 3:23
5. She's Looking Good 2:54 (sample)
6. She Did Not Show 4:20
7. You're An Angel 3:38 (sample)
8. Sit & Cry The Blues 4:12
9. You Were Wrong 3:32
10. Let Me Hold You 4:46 (sample)
11. Up To No Good 3:43
12. Come On 3:17

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