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Back To The Country Back To The Country (1/1/1991) Add To Cart
- Snooky Pryor
- Johnny Shines

"Country Blues Album of the Year" 1992 W.C. Handy Award

In the early 1950's, Johnny and Snooky recorded sides for the J.O.B. label that helped lay the groundwork for Chicago's electrified, small band blues. Reunited four decades later in the Texas hill country, they took the opposite tack with a set of acoustic, country blues that returned them to their roots in the Mississippi delta. Robert Johnson, the proud, tormented genius of Delta blues and mentor of a young Johnny Shines, is the spirit hovering over Back To The Country.

"Shines' voice and Pryor's splendid country harp product a winning set of acoustic blues. Arguably the best recording either man has ever made - highly recommended." - Cadence

"The most authentic set of shotgun-shack blues this side of Robert Johnson." - Boston Herald

"Shines and Pryor sing country blues and (in Pryor's case) blow harmonica with easy conviction. Shines' plaintive, gritty voice is streaked with tragedy; Pryor's richer, thicker and rounder sound shines with humor and Mississippi sunshine." - Detroit News

"Proof that acoustic blues is alive." Request


CD Track Listing

1. Trouble In Mind (Real Audio sample)
2. Corrine Corrina
3. Cool Driver (Real Audio sample)
4. They're Red Hot
5. Crossroads (Real Audio sample)
6. Lost A Good Woman
7. Evening Sun
8. Peace In Hell
9. Send Your Man To War
10. Come On In My Kitchen
11. Blues Come To Texas
12. Moon Is Rising
13. Hey Bobba Re Bop
14. Terraplane
15. I Make You Happy

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